Tux - my relationship with tech

I am tech curious but by no means a professional or even a gifted amateur. I am, however, habitually drawn to things that are just one step removed from the mainstream... which is how I found myself here in Gemini Space and at The Midnight Pub!

These days it is easier than ever to walk the tech path less trodden, so that is what I've started doing - but as with many things in my life, I take a pragmatic approach. Show me that less trodden path - but don't expect me to walk down it if I have to yield a machete to do so!

My tech

Star Lite Mk II laptop, pre-installed with Kubuntu
deGoogled refurbished Samsung S7 Edge, bought from /e/
Kobo Aura ONE
Canon PowerShot G9 X Mk II

My posts about tech

A selection of tech-focused posts taken from my Write.as blog. To read about my explorations in Gemini space, read my Gemlog instead.

2021-03-24 - Smart cities - built by whom for whom?
2020-12-18 - Uninstalling dual-boot Linux
2020-11-14 - Bare-bones smartphone "Unlauncher"
2020-11-08 - Smartphone is a parasitic distraction
2020-06-20 - Star Lite, Star Bright!
2020-06-05 - My deGoogled smartphone
2020-05-28 - My Linux journey