Poetry by zymotux

I've found a surprising amount of satisfaction in writing poems again - not something I'd done for many, many years! My ten most recent poems are presented below and will be replaced through time. No claim as to their quality but I hope you enjoy them! Each poem includes a link to my Write.as blog where I often write an accompanying note about them - but here I've left off the note so you can just read them unadorned.

2021-04-09 - Sunday nights (haiku)
2021-04-18 - Winding down (haiku)
2021-04-05 - Daddy-traps (haiku)
2021-03-29 - Ever Given (haiku)
2021-03-18 - Barking like a seal (haiku)
2021-03-14 - Early morning haikus
2021-03-13 - Mirrors and ghosts
2021-03-10 - Baby haiku
2021-02-10 - Sitting quietly
2020-10-08 - Words lead me where you will
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