About this capsule

Gemini space is a curious new dimension for me. I want my capsule to give a little flavour of who I am, drawing from but not completely mirroring my blog out on the interwebs. So here you will find a selection of my poetry, my thoughts around beer, whisky and tech, and a Gemlog detailing my adventures in Gemini space. I may add more collections of posts on other subjects in the future - or I may not!

Who am I?

I'm a forty-something Englishman living in Wales married to a Canadian, father of a delightfully happy little girl born in the pandemic. I've moved around a lot, mainly in the UK but also including 5 years in the US. Much of this was as a research scientist and I continue to work in the university sector but now supporting research rather than doing it.

Why “zymotux”?

ZYMO from zymurgy, the science of fermentation!

ZYMO - beer, whisky, pubs

TUX is the name given to the Linux mascot. You can find out more about my relationship with Linux and tech in general at:

TUX - my relationship with tech