Words, lead me where you will

Words, where do you want to lead me?

(Streaming out of my fingertips

To this blog post)

Words, where do you want to go?

Too tired for deep musings about life

Or wry observations about my day;

Not angry enough to vent

Or scream about the state of the world.

Oh no, what's that I hear?

A cry from the bedroom!

Pause. Wait.

Will there be another?

Will this stream of consciousness be interrupted

By the needs of the babe?

It seems we are safe for now Words,

As babe slumbers on -

But alas, you want to leave me (fickle muse!),

Alone in a quiet room late at night,

Lights dimmed, rain outside.

Perhaps a wee dram

And a book instead!

Or off to bed

Perchance to dream

Of Words?

~zymotux 2020-10-08


Originally published on my Write.as blog
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